“My Angeles” (2008)

“My Angeles” By Brian Schaefer I.   (FORGET EVERYTHING YOU'VE HEARD...)   ...about L.A.  Because...goddamit...you have to. Or you have no business reading this. Cause I'm not your typical run-of-the-mill asshole-on-a-wedding-cake who's gonna blow smoke up your collective ass and claim to know anything more than what I do know. Or think I know. Or… Continue reading “My Angeles” (2008)


Forecast: Mostly Pathos with a Chance of Catharsis

And then there’s everything I do besides what I believe I am most qualified to do and that’s write. Like, write now. Or there’s this, write over here.   And don’t believe a word of anything that anyone has ever said.   At first. And you have the recipe. To be me.   'Cause There… Continue reading Forecast: Mostly Pathos with a Chance of Catharsis

Something about Happy Birthday (“Unprofessional?”) + LinkedIn Tunes Out

"Can't You See (I'm Falling Apart)?"  (2016), Oil pastels on paper  Brian John Schaefer Let's put on our sad faces for this turn of events. A friend dropped this on me regarding the attached post. And then it was stricken from the LinkedIn news feed -- just like that. I think I may be marked for… Continue reading Something about Happy Birthday (“Unprofessional?”) + LinkedIn Tunes Out


I wouldn't know what to do with you if I had you.   this flickering reel  unspooling all around me in such good condition i can see my footprints before i fall.   nothing i say rings true not even for me anymore and i believe in everything   i repeat (repeat)