The first time I met Tony was at Spago and Kitchen Confidential had just come out. He was part of a tie-in event with a TV event or something, a veritable Who’s Who Troupe of Celebrity Chefs taking over various LA restaurants for a night w/ their signature dishes. Everyone that night was […]

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If I Had a Dollar for every…

time you lied to me… I could buy me some peace of mind. What’s left of it. This heaving drift of shit-covered promises and guts that deserve a churning. You self-induced apatha-phoney. “Me?” Yea.  You. You care. “It hurts, doesn’t it?” “Yea. Sure does.”   “Look at him!” I am goddammit.   “What a louse […]

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it’s the weight…

…of it all, coming down like blind chimney-sweeps twin-tonal redux snout to tail face-imaging and soon arrives THE ONSET OF MY ONLY CHANCE TO SURRENDER maybe until tomorrow, or maybe left to itself just gimme twenty minutes (please) I’m a pyro-love-revolver in arrears with my wake.

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guilty pleasures

slayer “reign of blood” — when i got the blues and it’s saturday morning and sunny and i don’t want to go anywhere but i really should because it’s awesome outside. (yea, like today.) tequila sunrise — my god. is there anything better. cue: girl i just met. the next morning. new and beautiful. don […]

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Things That Are Tightening My Jaw

  Crosswalks — When did ROADS, BY-WAYS and THOROUGHFARES become a non-people-moving morass of Whole Foods shoppers, post-gym lallygagging sweat bodies, and that invisible pedestrian every one  slows down for because — there’s a crosswalk. Someone has to be walking, correct? For the entire road to shut down like a dying smart phone, its battery life […]

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Even a Coin Toss Has Its Critics

My voice — once a proud and lyrical voice — is in peril because I don’t feed it anymore. It’s starving. And sorry,  screenwriters….Screenplays don’t qualify as literature. Or even writing for that matter. More like emotional erector set throwaways with disbelief as a harbinger for all the holes unfilled and each of the readers […]

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Writers Groups

So, here I am… A longtime once-in-a-while, a lurker of many moons, and a stalwart resident of none. I don’t feel comfortable in groups. Just the word “group” is enough to have me aimed bow-first into a wave of safety-first isolation. Workshops. Seminars. Support mechanisms. Last chance exchanges of one-up-manship and realizing it’s better to […]

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