Everything not living is Art

You could throw in the three major forms of rocks in there as well. Igneous, magma, and sedimentary. Gases, I suppose. And space. But everything else?   Fake. Fraudulent. Man-made. Artifice. And the world's artists?   Are in on the joke. So, good morning, to no one in particular. Check out some of my artificial… Continue reading Everything not living is Art


“You ain’t no Howard Hughes…”

            post-apocalyptic-optimists: the manifesto "I assure you, doctor...It is relatively simple matter for a weathered charlatan like myself to put up with so small a carnival as this..."  -- Friedrich Nietzsche (post-sanity) ...and here I thought there would be nothing at this party besides the cool, incandescent judgements of a… Continue reading “You ain’t no Howard Hughes…”