Forecast: Mostly Pathos with a Chance of Catharsis

And then there’s everything I do besides what I believe I am most qualified to do and that’s write. Like, write now. Or there’s this, write over here.   And don’t believe a word of anything that anyone has ever said.   At first. And you have the recipe. To be me.   'Cause There… Continue reading Forecast: Mostly Pathos with a Chance of Catharsis


The Passenger Side

From the vault (July 8, 2000) I don’t like riding on the passenger side fact it was only yesterday when i yelled, BUYING A NEW PAIR OF SHOES CURES EVERYTHING THAT AILS YA... AND STOLY'S WORKS IN A PINCH AS WELL.. though because electricity *is* my bio-functional sombrero, you'll find my lady Macbeth there,… Continue reading The Passenger Side