Do I Look Like I’m (still) in Jail?

Because I can change it, no problem. Godaddy is just teeming with crackerjack web development and slideshow programming. Just a snip there. A tuck there. Some superglue here. And hey, hey...Let's announce something... ON JANUARY 1st, 2017, THE WORLD WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HAS HIT THEM AND WHEN I SAY "HIT THEM" I MEAN "HIT… Continue reading Do I Look Like I’m (still) in Jail?


Photography / Street (Part I)

A few years ago, I was known as “the guy who walked” -- often putting 7 to 8 miles beneath my feet. And as one buddy of mine commented decades ago, I have the gait of a “determined caveman” often with my head aimed solely toward the path beyond me. (Hancock Park, 2011-12)