“You ain’t no Howard Hughes…”

            post-apocalyptic-optimists: the manifesto "I assure you, doctor...It is relatively simple matter for a weathered charlatan like myself to put up with so small a carnival as this..."  -- Friedrich Nietzsche (post-sanity) ...and here I thought there would be nothing at this party besides the cool, incandescent judgements of a… Continue reading “You ain’t no Howard Hughes…”

The Past as Jack-o-lantern

I've begun scanning pieces of writing from my earlier days. This for instance is the cover from my first (failed) novel. The title was a blatant ripoff of "The Ginger Man" by J. P. Donleavy. The plot was non-existent especially considering it was set in Dublin and I had never traveled to Dublin. Despite these petty indiscretions, it's a failure worth remembering.